Jerry Garcia Bag

Jerry Garcia Bag

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About the product:

.: 100% Polyester
.: Boxed corners
.: Black cotton handles
.: Black lining

Who was Jerry Garcia?

Jerry Garcia was born Jerome John Garcia on August 1st, 1942. He was born in San Francisco, CA, joining his older brother Clifford “Tiff” Ramon. In 1947, at only age five, a wood chopping incident occurred with his older brother, resulting in the majority of Jerry’s middle finger being chopped off. Years later, Jerry’s missing finger handprint is an iconic symbol worn and represented by his fans everywhere. 

Jerry Garcia’s dad was a musician, playing mostly woodwinds, as he recalls faint memories of his dad playing him music to sleep at night (His dad passed away in a fishing accident when Jerry was five). However, Jerry’s third-grade teacher was the first person to encourage Jerry to pursue his own creative talents. This is the first time he ever picked up a five-string banjo. When he was fifteen years old, he received his first electric guitar and amplifier. 

The Grateful Dead came to fruition in 1965, after Jerry Garcia attempted to join the army, but was discharged after being deemed unreliable, irresponsible, and unwilling to accept authority. He spent the next four years intensely studying and practicing traditional American music, mastering the acoustic guitar and banjo. Originally known as The Warlocks, Garcia gathered his co-workers at a music shop to start off his band. Upon discovering another band with the same name, they picked the Grateful Dead at random out of the dictionary, and from there, a legendary band began. 

Merging rock and roll, jazz, visuals, and literary tradition, The Grateful Dead broke barriers and created a unique style of music that fans knew and loved. To this day, The Grateful Dead is considered one of the most innovative and tech-savvy bands in history. They took it upon themselves to manufacture their own gear and publish their own music long before it was normal to do so. They contributed largely to festival culture, choosing to play a lot of their sets outdoors for fans to enjoy. 

“Jerry was a musician, an artist, a legend, and for sure, someone who opted for fun in his lifetime! That is our hope for you with this cannabis. Take a moment to reconnect with everything that is beautiful, right, and good! Above all else, don’t forget to have fun!” – The Garcia Family