Dusters Grateful Dead Ice Cream Kid 31" Multicolor Longboard Review

Dusters Grateful Dead Ice Cream Kid 31" Multicolor Longboard Review


In today's time, there are a lot of ways of getting around town. One of the best, and most fun, is on a skateboard. But what's the point of having one when it's bland, old, not the best quality, or just plain ordinary? Our Duster is the greatest quality with a brilliant design guaranteed to make every push more enjoyable.

This cruiser has a design on both the deck and grip tape, inspired by the famous Europe 72' tour. The print, however, has a different story to each Deadhead, which is why its spirit has been immortalized into this cruiser forever. This makes it perfect for any Deadhead or, really, anyone that appreciates great art and unusual boards.

Of course, you may be wondering if you really need a new board. Has there ever really been a board too many? And with one that creates so much nostalgia for the Grateful Dead era? I doubt it!


The features:

  • Wood burned Dusters with Special GD print
  • A clear broadcast grip
  • Slant 150mm reverse kingpin trucks
  • 1/8" riser pads
  • Dusters Abec7 bearings
  • 65mm x 47mm 83A wheels
  • Weighs 6.55lbs


The item's construction is solid, and we're already used to the quality of Dusters boards. On top of that, it is factory assembled, so you can skate as soon as you get it. The sleek, symmetrical grip tape design decorates the top of the deck with calming shades of pink and blue. On the bottom of the board, you will find a multi-colored tie-dye design surrounding the famous ice-cream kid print.  

The wonderful thing about the Dusters Ice-Cream Kid longboard is that there are no pesky bumps or low-quality wheels that you should worry about. It rides very smoothly, gliding along the pavement and making it faster and smoother than the average board.

Overall, the ice-cream kid longboard is a great contribution to not only your collection, but your life as well. And if you do not own any other boards, this is a great one to start with. Anyone that hasn't tried skateboarding doesn't know the feel of the wind in your hair, or the adrenaline pumping through your blood, all the while looking amazing; especially on a skateboard you love. Anyone that has would surely agree with me!

My opinion has always been that life is too short to not try out new and exciting experiences, or to deny yourself the simple pleasures of doing what you love ---doesn't matter if it's sports, art, or anything in between. This applies to the board as well, since it is such an amazing combination of both art and athletics. Useful and appealing to the eye, it's one of my top choices to splurge on. So, my advice is to have fun and stay safe, and, of course, above all, happy riding Deadheads!