A Road Story - The Finger of God? (A Crazy Finger)

Basically, it was the last summer for Brent. I had a job (tree planting) up in British Columbia and the break between Spring and Summer shifts was basically the same length of time as the 2nd half of Summer Tour. So I hopped on a plane back east (my home) and got in my '73 camper and hit the road with a full collection of GDTS Too tickets and cash for a great summer tour. But then my bus broke down and needed a few parts that I couldn't get in time--- so I grabbed my tickets and cash and got a ride with some friends to Buffalo (that one that CSN opened).

Well, I ended up in a convoy  with some buddies from Canada that was heading down to the show. My friends stopped right on the US side of the border. They were waiting for the 2nd car (full of people that boarder control was shaking down real good) and I didn't want to be asked why were sitting at the border. So I got out to hitch a ride to Rich Stadium. When I went to open the trunk to get my gear, my buddies said they'd rather not open the trunk at the border. "Don't worry, we'll meet you at will call with your bag" they said. I know, I know... famous last words. They all got dosed in the parking lot and totally forgot about me till they got back to Canada. And me, I had my Rich Stadium ticket on me, and pretty much nothing else. No bus, no money, no change of clothes, and NO TICKET. Just me and my dreams!

So I got a ride to Deer Creek and met some family who heard about my situation. They gave me a box full of anklets with those bells on them (they just came back from India, the box probably costed $10) and a blanket I left in their bus on Spring Tour. I laid down my blanket and poured out the anklets and started getting some cash together. Some people came by and told me they heard about my stuff, and that they had an extra ticket.

Over the next week and a half, I never had my thumb up in the air but still managed to get a ticket to every show. Swell times!

Then the very last night of the tour, everything came together like magic. I still didn't have my tree-planting gear, or enough cash to get back to British Columbia, or my wallet, or my ID. But at that last show, it all came together. First, these guys come up to me all smiles and told me that I left a journal with them. They give me their address so I can get it back, and I swear as they're writing down "Tennessee" on the paper, Jerry starts playing the "Tennessee Jed" opening notes. A little later they play "Crazy Fingers". Now, to me, I always felt like Crazy Fingers was like reading tarot cards. There would always be one line in the song that stands out clearer than all the others. And on that night it was "Gone are the days we stop to decide where we should go we just ride." And I realized I don't have to think about it, but I do have to find a ride out west.

Then my brother walks by and as we're dancing to "Crazy Fingers" and the line hits, my bro points at some guy about 50 feet away: "wasn't that guy staying at the house with us (in Chicago)? Yeah! I think he has Washington Plates!" We dance over to him and before I know it, he's going to Vancouver WA and needs a rider. Yippeee!! Problem Solved!

Now get this. Were walking to this guys van. I have no idea where it's parked. But as we get right next to it, I hear my name being called out. It's a friend from Canada (not from the same part of Canada where I'm from) and she's got my bag with her! Somehow while I was on tour, the people who dosed in the lot in Buffalo found this girl who was coming to Chicago and asked if she could take my bag (with my money, Summer tour tickets, ID and my tree planting gear) up to Chicago.

This all happened within a 4-hour time period. After not knowing how or where I was going, when I finally stopped 'stopping to decide', it just flowed! Three days later I was crossing the border, four days later I was back in Northern BC starting work....


Thanks to the user "SavageFields"